In order to promote autonomous traffic around the globe, the One Sea – Autonomous Maritime Ecosystem has taken upon itself to introduce roadmaps towards an autonomous maritime future. The roadmaps include a timeline towards 2025 and major themes to be investigated and levels of maritime autonomy – all minimising accidents, decreasing the environmental footprint of marine traffic, and advancing possibilities for efficiency improvement and new commercial ventures. The roadmaps have been created by the representatives of the companies included in the ecosystem and verified by a the One Sea national Advisory board as well as an International Advisory Board.

The expected timeline for autonomous maritime traffic shows that the regulators will have to increase the pace at which new regulations are approved. The technologies are advancing at such a speed that the rules and regulations risk becoming obsolete. Fortunately, forward thinking national and international units are doing their best to enable autonomous traffic even within such a short timeline.

In addition, One Sea – Autonomous Maritime Ecosystem is currently working on the roadmaps around themes as Operational, Technical, Security, Regulatory, Traffic Control and Ethical. Roadmaps for these important themes as well as the general ideas around autonomy levels can be found here.