Conexbird and ICEYE win Pike Tank One Sea competition

One Sea – autonomous maritime ecosystem led by DIMECC took part in organizing the Pike Tank in Maritime Industries side event at SLUSH on December 1st, 2017, in Helsinki, Finland. The goal of the side event was to highlight the most interesting recent developments in the maritime field and bring together companies and expertise to reflect on future opportunities. The driving force behind the event was that digitalization will transform marine industry and this will give a push towards new innovations. Fostering innovation and promoting start-up collaboration in marine industry is part of One Sea ecosystem’s key activities.

The innovation themes for the competition were the following: safety, sustainability and test area. The safety theme focused on finding solutions to ensure the safety in autonomous ships of the future. The sustainability theme was inspired by the EU strategy to reduce emissions of vessels. The third theme, test area, looked for innovations that could be offered or utilized in the DIMECC led Jaakonmeri test area. Participants were asked to consider what physical or virtual services the test area should have, who would they want to engage with the service and what would be the optimal model for offering the services.

DIMECC received many interesting proposals from various companies and after thorough evaluation six of them were chosen to take part in Pike Tank. The companies were challenged with questions from the Pike Tank jury and the audience exceeding 300 maritime industry influencers after their pitch. The jury comprised of seasoned maritime experts from DIMECC and from One Sea partner companies Cargotec and Meyer Turku.

The winners of Pike Tank were selected in two categories – by jury’s selection and favourite of the audience. The jury’s vote went to ICEYE for SAR (synthetic-aperture radar) applications usable in maritime. The audience vote winner was Conexbird for intelligent data and safety solution for container logistics. DIMECC would like to congratulate both companies for providing innovative solutions for the future in marine industry. Below is a short description of the companies’ activities. Also worth mentioning is that one of the One Sea companies shared that they had already agreed on a meeting with one of the start-up companies at the Pike Tank event, showing that participation in this kind of event can lead to immediate results and potential collaborations.

Jukka Merenluoto (DIMECC) announcing Pike Tank winners Conexbird and ICEYE at Maritime Industries side event at SLUSH 2017. Photo: Finnish Maritime Industries.

Conexbird makes any logistics supply chain more reliable, safe and transparent. Artificial intelligence makes it possible to avoid cargo damages by detecting bad securing of cargo and faults from the transportation units to guarantee that only flawless and safely secured cargo gets shipped. Conexbird’s patented system is saving a lot of money and effort when already flawed or badly secured cargo isn’t shipped any further. This instantly raises the customer satisfaction and offers an easy method to reduce CO2 footprint of any supply chain.

ICEYE’s mission is to enable better decision making for everyone by providing timely and reliable Earth observation data. To achieve that goal, the company develops its own synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) sensor technologies for satellites and provides information services to a variety of industries, such as maritime, insurance and agriculture.