HPP Blog looks at Autonomous Shipping and Liability from a Finnish Perspective

Mrs. Nora Gahmberg-Hisinger from HPP Attorneys Ltd specializes in maritime and transport  law, international commercial law, insurance law and dispute resolution. In a recent “Autonomous Shipping and Liability from a Finnish Perspective” blog post she writes about the questions vessel automation raises in the field of regulation – one of which is the allocation of liabilities.

Mrs. Gahmberg-Hisinger points out that the Finnish legislation was recently amended to enable development of autonomous shipping by allowing shipowners to apply exemptions to watchkeeping and minimum vessel manning requirements. Remote pilotage, i.e. pilotage taking place outside a ship, is allowed in Finnish waters as of 1 February 2019. She mentions that Finland is also actively participating in an assessment process in the IMO to determine how IMO conventions may apply to autonomous ships with different degrees of autonomy.

Read the blog post in English here and in Finnish here