Joel Reijonen recognized for his research realised in D4V program

Joel Reijonen was recognized for his outstanding Master’s thesis by TEK, the largest organisation for academic engineers and architects in Finland. Reijonen’s Master’s thesis Decentralized Machine Learning for Autonomous Ships in Distributed Cloud Environment was part of the D4V program and it was realised for Ericsson.

The target of the thesis was to develop a machine learning agent which is an independent software application that is responsible for the implementation and integration of decentralized machine learning in a distributed cloud environment. Decentralization of machine learning enables parallel machine learning between multiple machine learning agents that are deployed in multiple clouds. In addition to the development of machine learning agent, a data preparation module which ensures that the data is clean and complete was developed. The machine learning agent and the data preparation module to support container implementation by taking advantage in Docker container platform was developed. Containerization of the applications facilitates portability in multi-cloud deployments and enables efficient orchestration by utilizing Kubernetes. The thesis did not utilize existing machine learning frameworks but rather machine learning by applying known mathematical methods were implemented.

Joel Reijonen received his M.Sc. degrees from the School of Technology and Innovations, University of Vaasa, Finland, in 2018. Currently, Reijonen is working at Ericsson as Machine Intelligence Researcher, and he is doctoral student in University of Vaasa.

Reijonen has innovated multiple machine learning and cloud computing based technology solutions that have been patented by his employer.